Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for the organization and coordination of the training provided to members at the Annual Meeting and WAM Membership Meeting. This includes topics, speaker, location and meals.

Collaborative Events


The Collaborative Events Committee is responsible for contacting other organizations with similar interests as WAM and coordinating events to benefit both organizations.



The Nominating Committee is responsible for the annual elections of the WAM Board of Directors. The committee sends out a call for nominees and then gathers interested candidate material (bio, statement of interest, etc.).

Public Education 


The Public Education Committee provides information and education about mediation so that the public can make informed decisions regarding utilizing mediation as a conflict resolution process. And, the committee promotes mediation as a first-rate dispute/conflict resolution process.

The committee is responsible for the WAM publication - Guide to Selecting a Mediator - which assists the public in their search for a mediator.



The Legislative Committee monitors policy development in Wisconsin and is available to advise/inform policy makers. The committee watches legislation and the Supreme Court for mediation related bills and rulings.

It is in instrumental in forming a rapid response mechanism (phone/email trees) to respond to issues as they arise and keep the WAM members informed of relevant legislation.

The committee collaborates with other State organizations on issues of importance to the WAM membership.